About Me


Born in London at the age of only 10 years old, Alessandro discovered his passion in photography thanks to his grandfather, passionate in photography and videomaking. At the age of 17 years he bought his first reflex camera, a Canon Eos 400d, he started taking pictures at everything, like every beginner does. As the years went by he started taking photos at people, and as time went by he created his own and unique style. At the age of 27 he became part of the trending profiles in 500px and he became very know on various facebook photography groups and collaborates with a lot of worldwide photographers.

”Photography helps, its a bright light at the end of dark tunnel”


How enhancemyphoto.com was born? Alessandro always recieved requests worldwide for editing lessons, so he thought it would be easier and much better for the clients too, to have tutorials that they could go and see when ever they ''forgot something''. 


''I love my fans, they show me so much love is absolutely incredibile how my photography got in touch with so much people, it makes you feel alive''

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