Alessandro Di Cicco

Thank you for visiting At around ten years old I discovered my deep passion for photography. This was thanks to my grandfather, who was an avid photographer and video maker. At 17, I bought my first reflex camera, a Canon Eos 400d, and started taking pictures of everything, like every beginner does. As the years went by I began focusing on portraits, and would eventually create my own unique style. I have since been fortunate enough to travel worldwide to shoot with amazing people in some of the most beautiful locations. My work has trended on websites such as 500px, and countless Facebook and Instagram photography groups and has been internationally published.

”Photography helps, its a bright light at the end of dark tunnel”

How was

I always received worldwide requests for Photoshop and Lightroom editing lessons, so I thought it would be easier and much more beneficial to have Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials you can reference whenever you wanted and needed them. I then designed and developed high quality Photoshop actions, overlays, along with Lightroom presets that would aid all types of photography styles and subjects (portrait, wedding, landscapes,etc)

''I love my fans, they show me so much love; it is absolutely incredible how my photography got in touch with so many people, it makes me feel so alive''

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